Innovative Collaborations

Kindness Initiative seeks opportunities to collaborate with organizations and businesses throughout San Diego County that wish to make a substantial difference in addressing issues related to alleviating poverty in the Jewish community. Projects can be designed as one-time special drives or events, short-term holiday or life-cycle related programs, or long-term initiatives.

One such program example is our Adopt-A-KindnessFamily program, initially developed in collaboration with Congregation Beth El in La Jolla. Starting at the congregational-level, the program is being tested and expanded, as a community-wide initiative, for replication within other congregations and Jewish organizations, around the county.

Another program is Kindness@HOME, through which apartment owners and property managers can offer secure, stable housing and income, provide full- or part-time employment, and subsidized rents.

Do you have an innovative solution for addressing some aspect of financial insecurity for struggling households in our San Diego Jewish community? To discuss how you, your organization, or your business can collaborate with Kindness Initiative to help local Members in need, contact 858-216-1666 or [email protected]