Service Model​

What to expect when you reach out to the Kindness Initiative.

When you contact Kindness Initiative for assistance, you will be treated with dignity in a confidential setting; you will discuss your circumstances and needs with a qualified Social Worker; and we will assist you to develop a customized plan to resolve your challenges. The Model relies on community collaborations and trained volunteers known as “Angels” who assist you to navigate the often confusing maze of available services and supports. In some cases, organization-based volunteers known as “Ambassadors” will provide help with service access and applications.

Whether your circumstances require short-term assistance, or long-term plans to address your challenges, Kindness Initiative will be there to help you progress through your action plan, and identify needed resources. With a team of experts from around the county, Kindness Initiative model is one of collaboration, coordination, and creativity.

To find out more contact us at (858) 216-1666 or [email protected]