kindnessG’MACH Donations

“If you want to improve people’s spiritual situation, first improve their physical situation. That is one of the most humanizing aspects of Judaism.”- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

This is what kindnessG’Mach does – takes care of the basic physical household needs of Jews in San Diego County. This is a community obligation provided through kindnessG’Mach.

Financial Donations

kindnessG’Mach has no revenues – every item is given away at no cost. We rely on donations to support and grow the organization, providing goods with dignity, compassion, and privacy.

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Donations of Household Goods

Donations can be dropped off at our warehouse- 8811 Production Avenue- Monday and Thursday 10AM-2PM. Please place goods in an appropriate container or bag.

All Jews are responsible for each other. We are like a ship where a hole has been ruptured in one room. It cannot be said that one room has been ruptured.; the entire ship is ruptured. (Midrash, TanaDevei Eliyahu Rabah)



Thank you for all of your kindness and for moving heaven and earth to get me the help I needed.


G-d bless you for the huge amount that you do and the many lives and hearts you touch.


Thank you for your kindness and generosity and for being there for me when nobody else was.


When I found myself in a major bind and had no other way out, you were there for me. Without your help I most definitely would not have been able to overcome this crisis.


As a single mother of three, I would like to thank you for providing our community with a much-needed resource.


I had nowhere to turn for help. Helene and Myrice, at the G’mach, were so compassionate and helpful in so many ways. They restored my hope in humanity!