Project & Program Funding

Special Funds

Kindness Initiative has several program-specific funds that can be designated by donors:

  • “Adopt-a-KindnessFamily” Sponsorship –  “Adopt” a local Jewish family in need, through a monthly contribution of $360/mo for 12 months.
  • Rent Relief Fund – Assist Members who face the risk of homelessness, by providing funds for rental deposits, or temporary monthly subsidies, or other rental related expenses.
  • “Life-Cycle Events” Subsidy Fund – Help a family that is struggling to afford important Jewish life events, including weddings, Bnai Mitzvot, funerals, etc.
  • Emergency Fund – Help Kindness Initiative to respond to all kinds of financial crises, from prescription medications, to tooth extractions, to auto repairs.

​For the above four specific Funds, please note your preference in the Donation box marked Areas of interest and you will be contacted by our donor services representative. If you have questions, please contact [email protected] or call 858-216-1666 for information on specific Lead Funding Opportunities.

Project-Based Funding Opportunities

There are many important projects being undertaken by the Kindness Initiative to improve the lives of vulnerable members of our Jewish community. Review the projects below, and select those for which you would like to provide lead support. The minimum contribution to be recognized as the project funder is $10,000.

Please contact [email protected] or call 858-216-1666 with questions or for further information on specific Lead Funding Opportunities.

Project-Funding Opportunities

Your support at this level will help fund the following…

  1. Develop an outreach program to reach unaffiliated, vulnerable Jewish Households, using non-traditional communications campaigns, advertising and social media.

  2. Create and manage Data Base of Vulnerable Jewish Households

  3. Collect and distribute used smart phones and laptop computers

  4. Codify the Volunteer-training program for “Angels” and “Ambassadors,” including handbook
  5. Food/Meals

    • Create and distribute food bank information data, by geography

    • Identify or fund additional Kosher meals and food-delivery options

  6. Housing

    • Solicit multifamily property owners for emergency housing units

    • Develop a home-sharing service, matching people to available housing
    • Source and develop new low-income housing options
  7. Develop “Virtual Village” to provide socialization opportunities for the elderly, or shut-ins

  8. Employment/Jobs
    • Create a job-placement service
    • Develop directory of local job openings
    • Assist with resume review and interview practice
  9. Free or reduced cost Medical & Behavioral Health & Wellness services

    • Pro Bono Medical, Dental & Vision programs

    • Medications Assistance

    • Pro bono Auditory Services

  10. Free or reduced cost professional services
    • Pro bono Legal Services

    • Pro bono tax and accounting Services

    • Pre-retirement Financial Planning
  11. Transportation
    • Fund ride-share expenses for Members who cannot drive
    • Pro Bono Auto repairs program
    • Subsidized Car Leasing program
    • Automobile Warehousing

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency please call 9-1-1 or the San Diego County Access and Crisis Line at 888-724-7240 24 hours, 7 days a week