A key step to self-sustainability is income generation. Kindness Initiative supports members in gaining and retaining employment as well as those seeking self-employment.

The kindnessWORKS! program assists Members to successfully obtain and retain employment, utilizing a two-pronged approach to job placement and support – awareness of available job opportunities, and intensive, wrap-around services to adequately prepare them to retain employment.

  • Employment preparation. Some Members require intensive services to build their employability skills. Eligible Members are referred to Service Providers for support, while simultaneously working with their “Angel,” as well as mentors and job coaches.  Support systems ensure that Members maximize available opportunities, apply for appropriate positions, and have the one-on-one technical assistance and coaching, needed to be successful.  
  • Identifying potential jobs. kindnessWORKS! can help identify full- and part-time positions that fit the Member’s skills and experience. Employment resources include online searches, job banks and placement services.
  • Post placement support. After the Member has been hired, their “Angel” may continue to assist them to identify professional mentors, training & education to advance their skills, job, and serve as a sounding board, as new employment challenges and opportunities arise.
  • The kindnessWORKS! program provides Members with self-employment support. For individuals seeking self-employment opportunities, or who would like to start-up or grow their own businesses, kindnessWORKS! can connect them with mentors, job coaches, and small business advisors.

kindnessWORKS! Collaborations

  • We work with Business Owners with open job positions or interest in creating a position for a Member with the right skills, by introducing candidates with appropriate skills
  • HR professionals and experienced executives can shape and expand the kindnessWORKS! program throughout the community, by volunteering to assist Members as a Mentor, Job Coach, or Small Business Advisor

For more information about how you can help the kindnessWORKS! program, please contact [email protected], or call 858-216-1666.

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency please call 9-1-1 or the San Diego County Access and Crisis Line at 888-724-7240 24 hours, 7 days a week