Volunteer Training

There is a full day training session, held quarterly, for new volunteers. This is currently conducted via Zoom.

As a volunteer in the KINDNESS INITIATIVE, you are special. You are willing to give regular time and energy to someone needing a little help. You are helping people in our community lead more satisfying, independent lives. Your efforts will bring great happiness to others, and a sense of personal fulfillment you will find hard to beat.

Our Volunteer Training course has been developed to provide you with information about volunteering with The Kindness Initiative and about working with The Kindness Initiative clients. There are sections about your job and how it relates to the rest of The Kindness Initiative, as well as a range of topics relating to volunteering. Of course, you are also encouraged to call The Kindness Initiative with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for serving!


Angels work with clients to understand their needs, identify services that will alleviate their needs, assist them in gaining access to those services, coordinate with Ambassador volunteers to provide guidance to clients within particular service provider organization, monitor progress of clients and generally provide personal attention and socialization opportunities to clients who are often isolated.

The Angels training session includes:

  • Introduction

  • Benefits and Recognition for Volunteers

  • Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

  • Record Keeping

  • Volunteer Policies

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Client Assignment Process

  • Volunteer Tax Deductible Expenses

  • Safety

  • Cooperative Programs

  • Volunteer Guidance

  • Working with Clients

  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships

Overall, the training session is aimed to assist volunteers in:

  • What to do: Expectations and responsibilities of new volunteers, including Code of Ethics.

  • How to do it: Explaining how volunteers can best accomplish their tasks is the crux of training.

  • What not to do: There certain things volunteers should not do. For example, they should not talk about clients, for the sake of confidentiality. And there are situations in which they should automatically call for staff backup.

  • What to do in an emergency: Being prepared for the unexpected or unsafe circumstance is essential.

Health care navigation volunteers are required by both Federal and State government to participate in online training, which can be done at home.


Ambassadors provide clients and Angel volunteers with personalized access to specific service provider organization, which the Ambassador has become particularly knowledgeable about and connected to their internal staff. They will assist clients navigate their appointments and activities within their specific SPO and ensure a positive client experience.

Ambassador training includes most elements of Angel training plus learning details regarding their allocated/chosen service provider.

Ambassadors working with health care providers are required by both Federal and State government to participate in online training, which can be done at home.

Administrative Volunteers

Most administrative volunteers will be well qualified for their positions. Many of the specifics related to the mission of The Kindness Initiative will be learned on the job. Nevertheless, much of the Angel training program will be conducted for Administrative volunteers as an introduction to the organization.

Assignment Volunteers – Specific Projects

Most project leaders or support volunteers will have some background or interest in the specific project they have volunteered for. Nevertheless, the Kindness Initiative will provide access to specialized information related to each project as requested by the Project Volunteer. Project Volunteers may wish to attend Angel training and would be most welcome.

In all cases, on-the-job training plays an important part of effectiveness. We are always available to answer questions or assist our volunteers deal with awkward situations, if they arise.

We also encourage virtual forums for volunteers in which they can exchange experiences and suggestions, as well as form their own Kindness Community.

We appreciate your willingness to volunteer with The Kindness Initiative. We hope you will enjoy your experience as a volunteer. As you learn your volunteer duties feel free to ask questions. Our staff is happy to help you. It is your commitment and that of volunteers like you that allows The Kindness Initiative to effectively serve and alleviate poverty among vulnerable Jewish San Diegans. Thank you.